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we're moving!

hi. all of the hourglass awards will be moved to please keep checking that site for details. most of the fics that have been deleted will be moved there, as well. :)

you should expect to see something hourglass awards-wise in mid-august.

more updates to come.

<3 dede.
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nominations for round one are officially closed.

nominations are officially closed. any nominations received from here on out will not be accepted, sorry.

a great deal of fics have been deleted in the recent purges, and this presents a problem when it comes to judging. a new website is being created by me (dede) and some other great fanfiction authors. head over to thegreatbreak for more details.

most of the people who have had stories deleted will be joining our new archive. judging will be postponed until authors can find the time to repost. sorry about all of the delays. :(

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why helloooo there, loves.

75 stories nominated as of april 4th, 2005!

UPDATE: okay. every nominee is officially e-mailed at this point, but some people i just couldn't get a hold of no matter what i tried. so, just in case, hey, if you KNOW an author personally, go ahead and give them a head's up. sometimes when authors find out they're nominated someplace, they start spitting out chapters faster... *bribes*

as always, scroll down a few entries to nominate. don't do it here. (you guys have been really great about that. thanks! i know it's kind of annoying.)

actually, here are some quick links for you guys:

click here to nominate fics. (or, if you're a curious author, to look through and see who the heck nominated you and why.)
click here to see the master nominated fic list.
click here to get nomination graphics.
click here to read the rules, if you haven't already. i've been pretty lenient with them but it really helps if you just glance over them.

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment and be like, "HEY DEDE. wtf is with THIS." yeah. or you could just say "hi dede, i had a question about something" too. whatever works. ;)

and hey, remember! you have until april 30th to keep on nominating. spread the word!

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a split.

update time. <3

we put our heads together and decided that 20 really kick butt fics in the same category (the lily & james romance category--what a surprise) was a good thing. yeah, we know, duh. however, we also decided, upon a second glance, that some really famous fics are up against some really... well... not famous fics. we decided it's kind of a hands down no contest thing in some cases, and that probably isn't fair. so, we made a decision.

we're officially splitting the lily & james category in two. the first part is lily & james romance MAJOR (900+ reviews and/or lots of fame), and the second part is lily & james romance MINOR (0-899 reviews). we're very sorry if this offends anyone... but we felt that the smaller fics should get a chance at a win too. :) if you see that your fic has been moved to the MINOR section and you still want to be in the MAJOR section, comment on the entry below and we'll move you back, we promise. let us know what you think. hate it, love it? what?

keep nominating same as always--just, from now on, we'll split the l/j romance nominations ourselves.

please scroll two entries down to nominate. :)

p.s. joining the community makes us giggle with delight. hint hint hint. <3

p.p.s. thanks to juli-head-the-stupdendous for the kick ass icon. we love you jules.

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updates & information

please scroll down one entry to nominate stories. do not nominate any stories on this entry as they will be considered void. before nominating stories on the entry below, read the rules, which can be found a few entries down.

please read this entry for all UPDATES & INFORMATION.

as of right now, these are the nominees: Collapse )

Collapse )

a note: if a story was nominated more than once and in a different category both times, we chose the category we thought fit it best.

more updates soon.

NEW: okay, links for the stories will be up soon (woohoo, we three ladies are going on spring break starting friday!), and we're going to send a mass author e-mail out around the same time. if you're an author and have stumbled upon this site already, sorry. we're e-mailing you soon! so far only sarina (sarinileni) knows that she's nominated officially... the rest of you, well, have patience. oh yeah, and if you want to join this community, please do. it's so allowed. and it won't kill you. we think. <3
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the preliminaries.

this is an all call for nominations. you may nominate stories by commenting on this entry (click the little heart at the bottom of it). you must refer to the previous entry for rules & information about nominating. to do this, simply scroll down.

copy and paste the following form into your comment and fill it out from there. if you are nominating more than one story, break the stories up into separate comments. each nomination must be submitted through the form. thank you. <3

your name:
your e-mail:
your url (optional):
fic title:
fic author:
fic url:
category of nomination:
why the fic rocks:
what is true love?:

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the basic explanation.

hello, hello!

while it's true that we're still gathering our wits together, we figured that we're bored enough to get this show on the road anyway. we highly suggest that you read this entire entry, or else risk your nominations becoming void. :) we promise to keep it short and sweet.

[the way it works]
we run this thing once every three months. the first month is nominations. the second month is reading and deliberation. the third month, awards are given out. that means it happens four times a year. the first one is in january, the second one is in april, the third one is in july, and the fourth one is in october. the october one is special because we add in two special awards for best fic overall and best author overall. we're just getting started in 2005, so forgive us for missing the january run-through. the very first competition will begin in april of 2005. tell all your friends, kids. it's gonna be a blast.

1. ONLY nominate stories by commenting on entries that request nominations. all nominations sent in through e-mail, suggested over IMs, or posted on other entries will not be accepted.
2. when you nominate a story, you MUST tell us what category you're nominating it under. you may only nominate a story under a single category. sorry, you have to choose.
3. you may nominate your own stories or someone else's. but, they all have to be mwpp-era. don't bother if it's not mwpp-era, cuz that isn't what this awards site is for.
4. fill out the form completely. the form can be found in each entry that contains a nomination. make the submission decent. it really helps us out when we know what we're doing.
5. you MUST provide a valid e-mail address on the form. we might e-mail you about the nomination, and if you don't e-mail back, chances are the nomination might become void.
6. don't annoy us about the nominations. we're cool. you kids are cool. it's all good. <3
7. to prove that you read the rules, put the password "lily loves james" next to the question that says "what is true love?".

1. romance (l/j): lily and james romance. doesn't have to follow canon. make sure it isn't stupid, though.
2. romance (mwpp slash): any of the marauders can be involved in a male/male pairing. graphic is a-okay with us. OC is also okay.
3. romance (other): any romance from the mwpp-era that doesn't fit the above romance categories. OC is accepted.
4. lol comedy: funny stuff goes here. romance is okay, but the fic should be mainly amusing. parodies accepted.
5. dark angst: tear-jerkers, depression, deep and dark. we love it all.
6. life changing drama: the stuff that makes your head spin. make sure it's really amazing.
7. most improved: ever read a fic that started out crappy and then got successively better? nominate it here.
8. best NEW fic: new. as in, the first chapter of the fic MUST have been posted within a month of the contest's start.

[special categories]
once a year, we award two very special awards. they are:
1. best all around fic: best. fic. EVER. makes you orgasm. etc. etc.
2. best all around author: best. author. EVER. must have at least 2 stories that you love. get that? not just one.

[anything else]
if the stories suck, we're not letting them stand. we'll preview them when you nominate them. if they look decent, they stay. if we kick them off for some reason we'll let you know. hmmm. what else? when an author/story gets nominated, we e-mail them, or at least try our best to let them know somehow that they've been nominated. oh. anddd, just the judges judge. maybe sometime we'll make this a voting thing, but not now. too much of a hassle. buttons and banners are coming soon!!
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who we are.

dede is 14, a wild redhead & goes by the penname solarism on she writes the critically acclaimed lily & james romance deconstruct, a memoir. dede likes vibrance and originality, large vocabularies, and timeless romances. if you can make her laugh out loud or bring her to tears through your writing, you've probably pretty much won her over. she's dating a wonderful boy named ryan, is editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, is a photographer and a book worm, and is a total a m.a.c. make up lover. she makes killer grilled cheese sandwiches and her favorite soda is a&w root beer. she whispers secrets only if she loves you. her favorite flowers are calla lilies, she's passionate in everything she loves, and she loves a lot. check her out at nitwitinperil.

melissa is 15, a classy brunette & goes by the penname flickerfoot on she doesn't write much online but she's in the process of writing a fantasy novel, so that's nifty too. and she promises it will, no doubt, be good. she also likes being called classy and other such names. she's much like dede in what it takes for your story to be approved, but she loves comedy best, especially from the MWPP era. melissa likes to sleep, and watch others *wink* when they sleep with one eye as she hides the other with the covers. she can't cook to save her life, but makes a mean bowl of oatmeal. she's currently single *winks again* (man, she must have something in that eye), and loving times. melissa loves listening to rock music and watching smallville and charmed. and she likes poking tall people. check her out at 5footgiant.

stacey is 16, a pretty blonde & goes by the penname _________ on she writes about as much as melissa does, but she's in love love love with slash fiction (much like dede and melissa).
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